Russell Wilson’s three INTs in blowout to Rams


Russell Wilson threw three interceptions in the Broncos’ 51-14 loss to the Rams. A look at each interception, which was followed by a pick-six by backup QB Brett Rypien in the fourth quarter. Wilson’s career-high remains five interceptions (Dec. 11, 2016 at Green Bay).

Pick No. 1

The situation: Rams up 3-0, Broncos facing third-and-9 from their own 26-yard-line with 7:47 left in first quarter, in shotgun formation.

How it happened: Wilson got good protection, but Los Angeles’ secondary blanketed the routes. After taking over three seconds to read the coverage, Wilson stepped up in the pocket and sailed a throw into double-coverage to Courtland Sutton on an out route toward the right sideline. Rookie Cobie Durant (who punctuated the blowout with a TD off Rypien in the fourth quarter) tipped the airmailed pass to himself, then caught it off the deflection around midfield.

The fallout: Rams scored three plays later to take a 10-0 lead.

Pick No. 2

The situation: Rams up 10-0, Broncos facing second-and-16 from their own 19-yard line with 5:20 left in the first, in shotgun formation.

How it happened: Tight end Greg Dulcich ran a quick buttonhook route about five yards down the middle of the field. But inside linebacker Bobby Wagner, who played 10 seasons with Wilson in Seattle, sat down in his zone and tracked Wilson’s eyes the whole time. Wagner jumped Wilson’s pass to Dulcich and ran it back to the Broncos’ 11-yard line.

The fallout: Rams scored two plays later to go up 17-0, and the rout was on.

Pick No. 3

The situation: Rams up 31-6, Broncos facing second-and-4 from Rams’ 38-yard line with 13:06 left in third quarter, in shotgun formation.

How it happened: Wilson was flushed out of the pocket and had Dulcich open for a moment fading down the right seam, toward the corner of the end zone. But All-Pro Jalen Ramsey may have baited Wilson into the throw, and the cornerback closed the gap quickly to Dulcich when Wilson decided to let it rip. Wilson, who had plenty of room to run for the first down, underthrew Dulcich and Ramsey easily picked the ball near the back corner of the end zone.

The fallout: Rams went on a 15-play, 68-yard drive that chewed up 9:08 of clock and ended in a field goal, making it 34-6.


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