Russell Wilson never saw wide-open KJ Hamler on final failed play in loss to Colts


In the Broncos’ 12-9 loss to the Colts on Thursday Night Football in Week 5, Denver had a chance to win the game on the final play. Here’s a look at the failed conversion that sealed the upset loss at Empower Field.

The situation: Broncos down 12-9, 2:38 left in overtime, facing fourth-and-1 from the Indianapolis 5-yard line.

The formation: Denver came to the line in the shotgun, with three wideouts, a tailback and a tight end. KJ Hamler and Jerry Jeudy were on the right side of the line outside of tight end Eric Saubert, with Jeudy in the slot, and Courtland Sutton was split out wide on the left side. Melvin Gordon set up in the backfield, to the left of Russell Wilson. The Colts were in man-to-man coverage.

The play call: Pass play with a couple crossing routes designed to mix up the defense. Sutton ran a corner-post route on the Colts’ top cornerback, perennial Pro Bowler Stephon Gilmore. Saubert stumbled out of his stance, and he ran a crossing route that was designed to intersect with Gordon’s crossing route. On the right side, Jeudy ran an out route that looked like a designed rub route to get Hamler open, who ran a slant.

The result: Wilson had plenty of time in a well-protected pocket — nearly four seconds — but threw an incomplete pass to Sutton.


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