Retirees wrangle over the true cost of love


Dear Amy: My wife and I are both retirees.

We have been together for a total of 32 years.

All of our retirement income goes into a shared bank account.

About six months ago, out of the blue my wife told me that she wanted a divorce.

She explained that due to reasons having to do with money, she felt she had lost her autonomy.

It seems she wants to have her own bank account and withdraw $400 a month to go into her personal slush fund to do with as she wishes.

We have discussed this for months with no resolution.

I have said that since the money comes out of our retirement funds that

it makes no sense for her to have her own personal account.

Am I wrong in feeling jilted that she will stay with me for $400 a month?

Is love worth $400 a month, or is there a deeper issue here?


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