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Major League Baseball is investigating pitcher Mike Clevinger for alleged domestic violence and child abuse, according to a report.

Olivia Finestead, who shares a child with Clevinger, said the pitcher physically abused both her and their child, The Athletic reported Tuesday.

Finestead, 24, shared multiple Instagram posts Tuesday morning accusing Clevinger of being physically violent and emotionally manipulative.

“He’s committed SEVERAL acts of domestic violence and child abuse,” Finestead wrote.

In another post, she said Clevinger threw a wad of used chewing tobacco at their infant child. She also shared four photos of bruises and said one came from when Clevinger threw an iPad at her while she was pregnant.

“Finally left when he strangled me,” she wrote.

Finestead also said she filed a police report about the pitcher.

MLB has been investigating Clevinger since the summer of 2022, according to The Athletic.

Clevinger, 32, pitched last year for the San Diego Padres but signed with the Chicago White Sox in free agency this off-season. The White Sox claimed they didn’t know anything about the allegations before they signed him.

“We need to fairly and thoroughly protect our client and at the same time be respectful of the White Sox and MLB,” Clevinger’s agent Seth Levinson told The Athletic. “We need time before responding.”



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