Reformed criminal now being blackmailed


Dear Amy: Over 40 years ago, I committed a significant crime.

No one was physically hurt, but I scared the devil out of a small group of people.

The crime was for financial gain, and I had planned it in advance.

My wife knew and begged me not to do it, but I felt I had no other choice.

My wife benefited from the proceeds of the crime and willingly spent the proceeds. I was never caught.

For 30 years we never spoke of this incident, as the memory was too painful for us both.

Over the last 10 years, however, when she is very angry at me or is trying to force me to do something she wants me to do, she threatens to tell my adult children and our grandchildren about, “the kind of man you really are.”

It is pure blackmail. Sometimes she says she will tell the whole story to the family in her own way after I am dead.

I have never repeated any unlawful acts in all the time since and have shared a good life and, I believe, have made a positive contribution to many people through my work.

I have considered telling my children as truthfully and factually as I can, and have written and rewritten my confession many times to share with them.

I have not sent that confession. It sits, password protected, on my hard drive.


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