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The crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) world continue to grow, consistently reaching billions of dollars in daily trading volume. The number of participants and investors in this relatively new financial industry continues to increase day by day. It is clear that the next major mainstream revolution in finance will be DeFi.

Rebus will act as a vehicle to take the DeFi evolution to the next stage, where institional actors are bound to get into the game. Asset managers, banks, insurers, and other traditional finance participants will be able to make informed and regular investments in crypto products through the Rebus Platform.

For context, 58% of the US population invests in TradFi investment instruments. This rate is only 13% when it comes to crypto investment. Moreover, we can assume that a large share of crypto investors are already on TradFi. The fact that the share of DeFi participants is growing exponentially but is still quite low compared to TradFi indicates that global demand for crypto could increase by 5- to 40-fold in the upcoming years. That’s what the hyper-adoption cycle we’ve observed in other paradigm-shifting technologies, like the internet, smartphone, and social media, tells us.

More Adoption by Rebus Platform 

The Rebus Platform brings the value and convenience needed for greater DeFi adoption. Rebus will not act as a store of value, smart contract platform, or meme token, but rather as a protocol that allows DeFi assets to be traded and used in a manner similar to conventional financial products. Rebus’s vision will continue to rise in value as complexity in the cryptocurrency industry decreases, and utility evolves.

The billions of dollars coming into DeFi by TradFi organizations and investors is the key to accelerating hyper-adoption. Rebus leverages proprietary blockchain technology to meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing essential liquidity. The $REBUS token is used as an intermediary between the vaults and DeFi protocols on the platform. Vaults allow clients to not have to deal with the complexities of crypto investments.

The Objectives of Rebus 

Projects like the Rebus Investment Platform are developing valuable and exciting applications for large groups of investors to come to DeFi. Investors who are in the financial world but not yet involved in the crypto world are joining DeFi one after another. As DeFi investment opportunities evolve, a similar cycle could be experienced in DeFi with the hyper-adoption of the internet seen from the mid-to-late 1990s.

Rebus's  centralized finance, traditional finance and decentralized finance diagram
Rebus operates at an intersection of TradFi, CeFi, and DeFi. Image source: Rebus

$REBUS Token 

$REBUS will be listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges ahead of the launch of the first financial products planned for the first quarter of CY2023. An airdrop event is also being organized on September 15, and a public coin distribution (PCD) via LBP on September 27-30.

$REBUS will be used as an intermediary service and governance token for customers to generate DeFi revenue streams through their existing Asset Management with familiar use cases. $REBUS is the safest and simplest way to invest in the success of the Cosmos Appchain.

Rebus Vault 

Rebus Vault is where the platform will offer its financial products. Using Interchain Account and Cosmos IBC to interact with Cosmos blockchain applications, Rebus Vault offers many solutions to investment problems existing in the crypto world. Some of the things Vault can do include:

  • Execution of off-chain components by Rebus Investment and financial partners,
  • Bringing and using the liquidity of the entire ecosystem,
  • Taking advantage of the strong synergies of the Cosmos ecosystem,
  • Utilizing different application types to differentiate investments,
  • To be used as a smart contract and a native application running on the blockchain.

The Rebus IU Dashboard offers:

Rebus Vaults are automatically and periodically rebalanced. Passively rebalancing using range orders saves on transaction fees. The features offered by Rebus minimize impermanent loss.

Closing thoughts

A platform that is regulated, reliable, and provides statistically higher returns using concentrated liquidity is a boon for new participants in the DeFi world. Rebus will be released in just a few months as an app that can provide all the features needed to drive hyper-adoption and exponential global demand.


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