Read Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’s State of the State speech


Below are the remarks as delivered by Gov. Jared Polis’s office. Note that he may make real-time changes to some of the exact language.


Today our administration is standing on the threshold between four years past and four years to come. We are middle-aged! But God willing our mid-life crisis is in the past! I have a bit less hair than four years ago, but more wisdom and experience.

We’ve gone through a lot these last four years, Colorado. COVID-19. Shootings. Devastating wildfires. Record inflation. Spiraling hate speech.

But Coloradans should know that no matter what comes our way, I’ll continue to fight everyday to protect our state.

Colorado is unique, we always have been. We are a state that just this year voted to cut the income tax again while legalizing mushrooms.

Our state might be shaped like a square but the political pundits can’t put us in a box, so they label us whatever one color they see – red, blue, purple. I see a harmonious rainbow of colorful opinions that make up our state of pragmatic westerners. So as we start this new session let’s not forget who we are, let’s not get lost in zero-sum politics, and let’s focus on working together for good results.

We’ve seen the consequences of divisiveness and what happens when we retreat into silos and stop having productive conversations, and that’s just not who we are. With extreme partisanship grinding progress to a halt in Washington, it is more important than ever to lead the Colorado way.

That means showing up and coming together when duty calls. We dig in, setting aside our differences, and we get to work on the thorny issues. We move forward together, making important decisions and compromises in pursuit of REAL results that improve our lives.

None of us in this chamber are here because it’s easy. We’re here because we believe in this work. We believe in a better tomorrow for our children. A Colorado for All.

As I stand before you today, I’m recommitting myself and my administration to bold ideas that move Colorado forward. To take on our greatest challenges with determination, optimism, and the voices of all Coloradans.


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