Rap star Drake name drops Baltimore Ravens in latest release – The Denver Post


By the time Baltimore woke up Friday, Drake had dropped us into the middle of the ocean.


The superstar rap artist calls out Baltimore, oh so casually, in his latest track destined to be a Drizzy classic.

“Middle of the Ocean” from Her Loss, a new release from Drake and 21 Savage, name drops millionaires, a tennis star and our very own favorite NFL team (plus a nemesis).

Here’s the verse:

“Big Benjamins like the Pittsburgh Steelers

Drake you got it

Robert Kraft sent the jet for us, that [expletive] was patriotic

You would think we live in Baltimore, the way they Raven ‘bout the latest product.”

The Baltimore Ravens wasted no time in calling attention to the shout out. The team posted a picture on social media of their latest acquisition, the twice All-Pro inside linebacker Roquan Smith. “The product,” if you will.

The team made the trade on Monday and by Friday, it’s in a rap song.

That’s certainly a winning record.

Of course the team already has its own Drake — Kenyan Drake, the Ravens running back who’s been rushing for the goal line and scoring TDs. No need to toss him into the ocean.

In the same track, Drake also labels tennis legend Serena Williams’ husband, Reddit co-founder and Columbia native Alexis Ohanian, a “groupie” with the line, “Sidebar, Serena, your husband a groupie.”

Ohanian posted a response on social media Friday afternoon, saying:

“The reason I stay winning is because I’m relentless about being the absolute best at whatever I do — including being the best groupie for my wife & daughter.”

His wife responded to the post with a kissy face emoji.

Baltimore fans reacted to the Drake drop with some serious analysis, including his pronunciation of the city’s name. “Drake pronounces Baltimore so well, added a capital T when he said it,” wrote fan @twizraj on Twitter.

That’s one way to put some respect on it. (We hope our own native rapper Rye Rye finally got some respect, too.)



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