Rainy afternoon possible for Monday


The first week of October looks like it could start out fairly wet with rain chances Monday through Wednesday.

The highest chances will be Monday afternoon, with a 50% to 60% chance between 1 p.m. and 9 p.m. Rain showers will be prevalent, but there could be some isolated storms as well.

Monday’s high temperature is 71 degrees, and the strength of Monday’s few storms will depend on how much sunshine the area gets.

Main hazards in those storms Monday could be some lightning, wind gusts up to 40 mph and brief moderate to heavy rain.

Mountain areas above 10,500 to11,000 feet may also see a couple inches of snow from heavier showers in the area and some slush on the highest passes.

The week will start slowly drying off after Monday, but Tuesday still has a 30% chance of showers after noon. Tuesday will also see a cool 66-degree high.

Low temperatures all week will stay right around 45 degrees.

Wednesday will warm up slightly with a 68-degree high, and it will also see the week’s last major rain chances with a 10% chance after 3 p.m.

Thursday will put the area back into the low 70s with a high of 71 degrees, then Friday will have the coolest high of the week at 65 degrees.


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