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The PrimeXBT trading platform is on the cutting edge of innovation, regularly upgrading its feature set and launching incremental improvements. In the past year alone, the sheer number of new additions has been shocking.

In this review, we will briefly recap the primary competitive advantages that PrimeXBT provides, then deep dive into the latest innovative updates implemented during 2022.

All About PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is an elite margin trading platform offering easy-to-use tools designed for newbies and pros alike. Long and short positions on leverage let traders make money from a wide range of global markets. A list of over 100 different trading instruments consists of crypto, forex currencies, stock indices, metals, commodities, etc.

The Covesting copy trading module also lets followers automatically copy the trades of strategy managers who demonstrate strong performance in the transparent leaderboard system. Top-ranked strategy managers currently show as much as 4,000% in all-time profits, which copy traders can follow and make money passively.

The award-winning margin trading platform also provides access to the PrimeXBT Trading Academy educational website, weekly trading competitions at PrimeXBT Contests, built-in technical analysis tools, interest-generating yield accounts, and much more. The full suite of trading tools is also available via the free mobile app for Android and iPhone, allowing anyone to manage their positions or portfolios while on the go or from the comfort of their couch.

There is also a 24/7 live customer support chat and a dedicated account manager for each user. Bank-grade security keeps customer funds protected. Deposits can be made in BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, or other popular cryptocurrencies, or users can buy crypto using a bank card to use as account collateral.

New Features For 2022

For the sake of brevity, we’ve kept the list of new features in 2022 to ten. This is typically ten more than most platforms have added during a bear market and crypto winter. However, PrimeXBT keeps on building upon its strong foundation deeply rooted in digital and traditional finance.

Strategy Trading Assets

The most recent new addition was an added metric followers can use when reviewing Covesting strategy manager performance. Strategy Trading Assets shows a visual breakdown of each strategy manager’s trading pairs with the highest turnover.

Strategy Manager Trading History

The number one most-requested feature from Covesting traders was to see more transparent information related to each strategy manager and, in particular, their trading history. Clicking on each strategy will now include the last 30 days of trading history.

PrimeXBT Reward Center

PrimeXBT Rewards lets any platform user earn special bonuses called rewards that can be obtained by completing simple tasks like reaching certain trading thresholds or by referring new active users to the platform. Rewards range from $5 to up to $500 per task.

Covesting Strategy Management In PrimeXBT App

As the company continues to bring the full suite of trading tools to the Android and iOS apps, Covesting strategy management was added for complete control while mobile.

Covesting Monthly Traders Report

To provide followers with more data and transparency, to instill confidence in the trading community, and to incite a more competitive environment, PrimeXBT puts out a traders report on month-by-month top trader performance.

Tron Network And BNB Chain Support

When Ethereum fees skyrocketed, PrimeXBT upgraded its platform to accept TRC-20 and BEP-20 tokens in addition to Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens. These alternative blockchains are faster and cheaper than Ethereum.

Buy Or Exchange Crypto Via The PrimeXBT App

Crypto-purchasing has been available on PrimeXBT for some time, but it has been added to the mobile app as well. The exchange module that lets users swap one crypto asset for another was also added for good measure.

COV-Denominated Margin And Covesting Accounts

PrimeXBT utilizes BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC as account collateral to access margin trading or Covesting copy trading. This year they also enabled support for COV-denominated margin accounts and strategies.

Covesting Discord Server

Social media channels are an essential aspect of any company and how it engages with its community. The PrimeXBT and Covesting Discord server is another way for users and company representatives to connect.

24 New Altcoins

Two dozen new altcoins from trending categories like Metaverse, DeFi, and GameFi were added to the already massive lineup of trading instruments from the cryptocurrency category.


PrimeXBT is constantly introducing something new and innovative — who knows what they will roll out next? The best way to keep up with the fast pace of updates is to follow the company on social media or visit the official PrimeXBT blog.

If you haven’t already tried PrimeXBT yet, don’t hesitate and check out the trading platform everyone is talking about today.


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