Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump have both had classified documents in their homes


Turns out Biden had some classified documents too

Well, well, well. Classified documents found in President Joe Biden’s Wilmington garage, as well as the Penn Biden Center. Note that these are documents that were taken during the time when the old guy was vice president under President Barack Obama. Also, note that the documents were found prior to the mid-term elections. Shush.

Remember that the FBI stormed Trump’s home in Florida and the denigrating remarks by Biden, the media and others? Trump faces charges. Will Biden face charges? Very doubtful. He’s above the law.

Kay Robbins, Denver

A sky-high idea for DIA

Re: “Searching for a bridge to future,” Jan. 1 news story

If Canadians could build the Peak 2 Peak Gondola connecting Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains with a free span between cable towers of over 3 kilometers (1.88 miles), surely DIA managers could construct a gondola loop system connecting the main terminal and concourses to transport passengers.


• construction of a gondola would not require disruption of current airport operations as would building additional below-ground fixed guideway transit,

• a gondola would ride high above aircraft taxiing to their gates, versus a ground-level transit system that would have to avoid moving aircraft,

• a gondola would afford out-of-town visitors with spectacular views of the mountains,

• a gondola loop system would be comprised of multiple loops, some offering local stops and others express transit to concourses,

• a gondola loop system is scalable, easy to add additional loops to serve additional concourses or increased demand,

• dedicated gondola loops could also transport baggage, and,

• gondolas could offer a redundant backup to the current trains.

Peter A Wessel, Denver

Conservative illiberalism is not new

Re: “DeSantis allies plot hostile takeover of a liberal college,” Jan. 11 opinion column

Your article covering red-state conservatives’ attempts to control subjects, especially Critical Race Theory, taught at Universities by threatening professors’ tenure status is nothing new. Repeated throughout recorded human history are ‘conservative’ efforts to control or banish academic or scientific ideas that threaten established doctrine or society.

For example, in 1229 the University of Paris banned any teaching of Aristotle as this subject was deemed antithetical to established Christian beliefs. Current conservative attempts to intimidate teaching about the dire effects of Racism on our society is just history repeating itself.  Attempts at thought control as a way of dealing with uncomfortable ideas is simply human nature.  We only need to look to current events in Iran to see the terrible cost to human freedom if this is empowered.

Mark Vary, Broomfield


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