Precast Concrete Walls: A Construction Alternative


Although brick is the most common choice for many construction projects, precast concrete walls have proven an excellent alternative. Precast walls have similar characteristics to those of brick, however, an aspect that distinguishes the two is that precast concrete walls can have a better greater capacity in certain aspects when building.

If you are undertaking a construction project and are considering the possibility of utilising precast concrete exterior wall panels, this article is for you. Precast concrete walls are as the name suggest, pre-built off site, delivered and assembled and used on-site.

Factors to Consider When Using Precast Concrete Walls

Your construction project needs, will determine whether or not precast concrete walls are the best alternative to brick and block-work for you. Several factors come into play that will contribute to your choosing precast concrete walls over other construction materials and alternatives that may be used as a substitute.

The Location of Your Project

The location of your construction project may determine whether precast concrete walls are appropriate. With multiple precast concrete wall manufacturers located throughout the country there shouldn’t a location that can’t have them delivered. However, if your construction site is more remote that usual, manufacturers may struggle to deliver to these locations.

Site Access

Similar to location, as precast concrete walls are cast and cured off-site by a manufacturing company, the ease of access to the site where you’re building or planning to use precast concrete walls may be factor as to whether delivery is possible. Whilst the location may be possible if they are to be delivered to the bottom of a hill but require being taken to the top then you’ll have to pass on using them or find an alternative method of transporting them that last leg.

Time constraints

Time constraints is another factor that should be taken into consideration. Most precast concrete wall manufacturers operate on a timescale that coordinates the product’s design, casting, and transportation. You’ll need to liaise with them to ensure that they are able to deliver to site as and when needed. Always remember that there may be a turnaround time so for those needing precast concrete walls quickly you may have to look around for a manufacturor that carries some as stock.


Type of Structure

Precast concrete walls come in various forms including panels and retaining walls. Depending on the structure and use of your concrete walls you must consider the time and resources required to build and assemble said structure.

Material Sequence

Bracing is not typically required with precast wall panels since the steel posts can be set before the wall panels are lowered into position. You can, if needed weld support braces onto the steel frames which will also take time to do. Note, however, the foundation and the steel frame of the overall structure has to be in place before you bring in the precast walls so you’ll need to plan these different phases.

Your Budget

When undergoing a construction project you can be limited by budget constraints. This will need to be accounted for when deciding on the type of material you use. Precast concrete walls are a cost-effective solution and can lower the overall cost of your project.

Project Size

When using precast concrete walls, you’ll need to consider any planning and building legislation. Whether it’s a larger project or a simple domestic one you should weigh the pros and cons of constructing with precast concrete walls and seek advice from professionals if you’re unsure.

Benefits of Using Precast Concrete Walls for Construction Projects

High-Quality Control

Precast concrete walls are manufactured off-site and typical stress tested. The specific characteristics of your pre cast walls and structural requirements will determine the precast concrete’s design. The type, strength and quality of precast concrete can be mixed differently for various projects but all should be of a quality supply.

Reduced Labour Costs

Precast concrete walls are made with assembly line techniques that are efficient and aid in lowering costs. Labour costs that would have otherwise been invested in laying bricks in a traditional method of construction take up a big chunk of the overall budget. Pre cast concrete walls can reduce the need for said labour and lower your projects costs.


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