“Please keep the stadium here.” Broncos Country had one word for owner Rob Walton and the Penners Saturday. Stay.


When you ask Broncos lifer Ryan Medina if he’s got any words of advice for new Broncos owner Rob Walton, he smiles. Then he reaches down, deep into his heart, through four decades of orange, and pulls out one.


“Keep the stadium right here. Please,” Medina, a Denver native, offered about 90 minutes before the Broncos’ preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday.

“Keep it here in the city. There are rumors of it going out east or wherever. For someone who’s lived here his whole life, I’m a big Bronco fan, I would love for the stadium to stay here in the city. It belongs here. I mean, there’s so many cities that move their stadiums out of the city. And I would love for my team to stay here.

“I don’t know how they’ve got to do it or what they do, but my advice to them, please keep the stadium here.”

With that, Medina looked lovingly at the stadium down the hill — Empower Field at Mile High turned 21 this past Thursday, it’s finally old enough to order drinks — and let out a sigh.

The new owners of the Broncos, ratified by the NFL this last Tuesday and introduced to the masses Wednesday, have said all the right things. But in the NFL, actions are a three-TD favorite over words. And profit remains unbeaten over all.

All politics are local, but Rams owner Stan Kroenke and Cowboys poohbah Jerry Jones have set the bar for everyone else. NFL stadiums are properties on a Monopoly board. Once your palace is rocking, you start building hotels around it. Around Stadium Circle in Denver, at the moment, space for hotels — or restaurants, or bars — is relatively limited.

“I’m kind of on the fence, still, about a new stadium,” said Richard Schippers of Highlands Ranch, a Broncos season-ticket holder since 1995. “They need to keep it in Denver, and close to a freeway exit and entrance and whatever … I wouldn’t want to go all the way (to the airport area), that far north. You know, I’m 20 minutes away from here and it’s a nice little ride.”

New owners. New coach. New quarterback. New juice. New hope. Everything’s fresh off Bryant Street, it seems, save for the stadium the Broncos call home.


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