Pay N157 to Gernot Rohr or risk a ban


The Federation of International Football (FIFA) has given the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) an ultimatum to pay the compensation agreed $378,000 (about N157million) to former coach Gernot Rohr or risk a sanction.

Former Super Eagles Head Coach Gernot Rohr has dragged the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) to the governing body of World football FIFA over the manner of the termination of his contract with the West African nation.

Rohr was disengaged by the top brass of Nigerian football in the build-up to the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon due to a perceived lack of trust in him and a feeling of discontent among the decision-makers.

The Franco-German tactician was relieved of his duties in November 2021 and proceeded to file a case before FIFA shortly afterward.

He wanted compensation of $1 million, with the full amount to be paid in US Dollars as against the terms of his contract, which stated that he would be paid in Nigerian Naira. He also requested that the full legal cost he incurred to be paid by NFF and that NFF be sanctioned for the way he was treated.

But On April 21st 2022, FIFA rejected all of Gernot Rohr’s demands but instructed NFF to compensate the former coach with six months’ salary amounting to $350,000 for the unjust termination of his contract.

It is more than three months and the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is yet to do as instructed by the Federation of International Football (FIFA), hence, the new development.

The ruling by FIFA added that the NFF would be sanctioned if Rohr was not paid in full within 45 days.

“If full payment (including all applicable interest) is not made within 45 days of notification of this decision, the respondent [the NFF] shall be imposed a restriction on receiving a percentage of development funding, up until the due amounts are paid,” the body said.


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