Pat Surtain II prime to take step into elite company — “He has everything you want”

General manager George Paton’s second-floor office at the Broncos’ facility features multiple television and computer screens he uses to call up video from a just-completed practice.

Throughout August, Paton would watch the offensive line, the back-of-the-roster receivers and, of course, quarterback Russell Wilson. He didn’t use many minutes breaking down cornerback Pat Surtain II’s morning of work.

“It’s kind of like his college tape — nobody throws at him,” Paton said. “He makes it look easy. I joke that it’s boring, but when they do throw at him, it’s pretty cool.”

Year 2 of PS2 could be pretty cool.

Surtain, who was Paton’s first Broncos draft pick (No. 9 in 2021), debuted with four interceptions, 14 total pass break-ups and only two penalties. The next step could be eye-popping.

“When you have a guy like him and he’s handling everything the right way, he changes our secondary,” defensive backs coach Christian Parker said. “The mental part of the game is slowing down for him and the physical part is becoming second nature.”

Surtain, 22, could be a fascinating watch for Broncos fans … if opponents challenge him. It could be an opportunity to see Surtain ascend to elite status … if he gets enough play-making chances. And it could be the start of a decade of shut-down corner play … if the Broncos are able to play with more second-half leads.

Surtain wants the action.

“(Not getting targeted) is a compliment, but also, it’s like, ‘Dang, my stat sheet isn’t going to be up there (with the other top corners),’” he said. “Obviously, you’re doing something good (when not challenged). You always have to be engaged. You can’t take a play off because that’s when they get you.”

The track record of top-10 cornerbacks is underwhelming, to be kind, and disastrous to be blunt.

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