Ownership decision on stadium to be made “long-term” – The Denver Post


HARROW, U.K. — The Denver Broncos play a game nearly 5,000 miles from home Sunday, but Damani Leech’s focus never strays too far from Colorado and Empower Field.

Every game the Broncos play at home comes with a raft of data, which Leech told reporters Wednesday gets processed and analyzed.

“We play a home game and within 48 hours, we’ve collected all the data, put it on the dashboard and shared it with ownership,” Leech said. “We’re talking everything from when fans arrive, when fans leave, how many hotdogs we’re selling, how many people are watching, how we’re doing on social media. We monitor that all season long and we meet as a senior staff and talk about, ‘What are we doing to make things better?’”

That’s an on-going conversation, but eventually the Walton-Penner ownership group, which closed on the $4.65 billion purchase of the franchise in August, will decide whether to renovate Empower Field or build a new stadium.

Leech said that data collected and fan experience is one part of the much larger decision-making process on what to do stadium-wise.


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