Only way to envision Broncos in playoffs? A long session of puff, puff, pass. – The Denver Post


After the trade of outside linebacker Bradley Chubb, I define success as making the playoffs. If the Broncos still look like a mess after the bye week, fire coach Nathaniel Hackett. We are tired of this slow-motion car crash.

Mac, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Kiz: To have any shot at making the playoffs, the Broncos will need to finish no worse than 6-3. If you can find six victories remaining on Denver’s schedule, then could you invite me to your next session of puff, puff, pass?

In my opinion, Chubb has not earned the $110 million contract the Miami Dolphins gave him. I would have loved for Chubb to be able to stay healthy for the Broncos and play the majority of games each season. But that’s not the case.

Jeff, Houston

Kiz: I appreciate the lesson in Football Econ 101. But isn’t it all funny money in the NFL these days? You think Chubb isn’t worth $110 million? Well, is any football player? Long ago, in a different sports world, I lived in a small apartment building after my first year of college. My landlord was a big dude working his side hustle. This 6-foot-8, 295-pound behemoth of a man mowed the lawn and did repairs himself. The dude’s name? Dave Butz. He was an active NFL player at the time. Back in the day, he was also every bit the ferocious pass-rusher that Chubb is now. Butz, a two-time Super Bowl champ, died last week at age 72. R.I.P. to a dude who showed me you’re never too big to work hard for the money.

How would I define success for the Broncos at this point? Become the offense we thought we’d get. I shouldn’t be excited about scoring 21 points. Scores beginning with a 2 should be expected, with some scores starting with a 3 scattered in there.

Michael, TDs not FGs

Kiz: With Teddy B and Uncle Vic running the show in 2021, the Broncos somehow managed to score 30 points in two games, a modest achievement this year’s team hasn’t come close to matching. If RW3 and Huggy Bear can’t score 30 at least twice during the final nine games of 2022, the coaching staff should resign in shame.

I’ve seen too many years in a row of the same (stuff) by the Broncos. I had hope this year would be different, with a new owner, newish general manager, new coach and new quarterback. But we get the same results. Apathy has set in. I really don’t care what the Broncos do in the second half of the season.

Tim, sick and tired

Kiz: Going forward, if the Broncos don’t give the NFL’s best fans a solid reason to stay in their seats until the end of home games, I don’t know how CEO Greg Penner and the crazy-rich Waltons could rationalize keeping Hackett as coach in 2023.


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