Online match might be age-related mismatch


Dear Amy: I am 35. About three months ago, I matched with someone on a dating app. This person listed their age as 24.

We really hit it off. We would chat for hours every day.

I brought up the fact of our age difference. My match said it didn’t bother them.

Although they were far away, we decided to meet. I decided to make a trip of it and stayed for a few days. We spent the whole time together and had a wonderful time.

Our connection grew deeper, and we continued to chat every day for hours.

We have the same sense of humor, philosophical and spiritual beliefs, political views, and ideas about what we want in a relationship and in life. During our chats I never really noticed the age gap.

Well, my match recently revealed to me that they lied about their age.

This person is not 24, but 20 years old.

My match has accepted responsibility, apologized, and accepted any possible consequences.

I was able to forgive, and I can easily move on.

My main qualm now is the very real social stigma associated with the 15-year age gap, especially with this person being so young.


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