Officer shoots at armed man in Green Valley Ranch Wednesday night, Denver police say


Police shot at an man who was allegedly wielding a firearm at a home in the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood Wednesday night, Denver Police Department Division Chief Ron Thomas said.

Police were called about someone being threatened with a weapon at a home in the 3900 block of Malta Street around 8 p.m.

Thomas said officers confronted the armed man in the backyard of the residence upon their arrival at the scene.

According to Thomas, officers made verbal attempts to stop the man, but those were ineffective. They fired a taser at the man, though that, too, ultimately failed and the man retreated inside the home.

The individual allegedly threatened officers with a handgun, prompting an officer to open fire.

“It doesn’t appear he was struck by the rounds fired at him,” Thomas said, stating that he suffered only minor injuries.

Thomas also said that the man did not know the current occupants of the home and that they had vacated the house once police arrived.


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