Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. does not care what you think of him


SALT LAKE CITY – With defiance, Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. tells doubters from NBA nation to the Twitterverse and beyond: “I really don’t care what people say.”

We like the feistiness. But if Porter can’t live up to the expectations that come with a $30.9 million annual salary, R.I.P. to MPJ’s mentions.

Playing his first basketball game in 348 days, it was neither a happy nor triumphant return for Porter.

In their season-opener, the Nuggets got beat 123-102 Wednesday night by a Utah team tanking for Victor Wembanyama, the most-anticipated No. 1 draft pick since LeBron James in 2003.

Porter scored 15 points and grabbed seven rebounds. But his defense was lacking, allowing less-heralded players in a Utah uniform, including Lauri Markkanen, who scored 17 points, to offset MPJ’s contributions at the offensive end.

In a search for inner peace, Porter has shut his ears and eyes to social media, making a concerted effort not to be sucked down what he calls “the rabbit hole.”

When asked why he has decided to pull the plug on checking his mentions, Porter cited a Super Bowl-winning quarterback who is now on blast from coast to coast as being washed up.

“If you have a good game, people are talking great about you. Bad game, everything on Twitter is negative,” Porter said.

“I see examples, over and over. For example: Russell Wilson, he’s a good friend of mine. People have praised him a lot during his career and now he’s faced some adversity, the things on Twitter that people are writing about him are kind of disheartening. That’s why I try to stay away from social media.”


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