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Don’t give credence to IRS claim

Re: “Joe O’Dea warns of an IRS shakedown. Sen. Michael Bennet says it’s just modernizing,” Oct. 6 news story

The Post article about the debate between Senate candidates Michael Bennet and Joe O’Dea, in a bold headline, lends credibility to O’Dea’s claim that the Inflation Reduction Act will unleash an army of tens of thousands of auditors on middle-class Americans. While the body of the article points out that the fear O’Dea is attempting to inflame is baseless, much harm was done by the editorial decision to choose this false charge as the lead-in to the coverage.

This apparent attempt at “unbiased” reporting places “balance” above truth. To many cursory readers, the headline will be the whole false narrative.

Richard Parsons, Pine

Stop covering only the radical fringe

First, it’s a front-page article on Oct. 2 about Lauren Boebert, which she no doubt relished.  Then, on October 10th, it’s a headline that loudly announces, “Joe O’Dea warns of an IRS shakedown” with a tiny subheadline of “But incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet says it’s just modernizing.”

A few pages later, it’s a prominent article about South Dakota Gov. Kristy Noem’s big ambitions and reelection.

Why is the Denver Post prominently giving politicians who spout conspiracy theories such great press? It makes you wonder if The Denver Post is trying to be the Fox News of the West.  How about some balance featuring more candidates who do not represent the radical fringe of their parties but instead offer thoughtful solutions to real issues that affect the daily lives of Americans?

Jim Ciha, Grand Junction

Patriotic education standards are welcome

Re: “Board of Education to consider new standards for social studies,” Oct. 12 news story

Colorado, home of the free and land of the lefty was considering adopting standards that emphasize patriotism! God is alive and at work in His world today!

Deanna Walworth, Brighton

I’ll skip the wolf hunt

I don’t do a lot of trophy hunting here in Highlands Ranch. Or anywhere else. The thrill of killing a dog, skinning it, and posting the head and guts on social media like Montana woman Amber Rose did recently has never crossed my mind.

Years ago, some vilified quarterback Micael Vick for being involved in a dog-fighting ring. In  defense, others said it was “cultural.”

I don’t comprehend the actions of either Rose or Vick, puppy operators, or anyone who abuses, drowns, or abandons puppies or adult dogs.

Rose thought she had killed a wolf. The photo of her grinning like an idiot with the husky’s head is sickening. She’s sickening.

“Wolves are chased down with packs of radio-collared dogs, shot at night with the aid of night-vision goggles, or captured in steel-jawed leghold traps and strangling wire neck snares.” If true, and it’s legal, scratch Montana off my list.

Craig Marshall Smith, Highlands Ranch

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