No charges, no arrests will be filed in fatal Northglenn shooting of two teens


No charges will be filed and no one will be arrested in the fatal Northglenn shooting that killed two teen boys after it was determined the shooter acted in self-defense, Adams County District Attorney Brian Mason and Northglenn Police Chief Jim May said in a joint statement Wednesday morning.

“The outcome of this incident is tragic,” Mason and May said in the statement. “Two teenagers are dead, and their loss is heartbreaking. The District Attorney’s Office and the Northglenn Police Department must follow the law and the evidence, however, and the evidence clearly shows that the resident of the home acted in self-defense when he returned fire after being fired upon multiple times. Therefore, the resident will not be arrested or charged in this incident.”

About 2 p.m. on Oct. 2, a 15-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy were shot in the backyard of a home on Pearl Street in Northglenn after the home’s residents found one of the teens cutting leaves and branches off their marijuana plant with a machete, according to the statement.

When the residents found the boy cutting the marijuana plant, one of them grabbed a .45 caliber handgun, went outside and said, “Really? Get out of here,” to the teen.

The boy then ran into a shed-like structure connected to the house, then the resident was “targeted with multiple gunshots,” the two officials said. “He saw muzzle flashes aimed in his direction and heard several gunshots come from inside the shed. The resident then returned fire. The two male teens were inside the shed when this exchange of gunfire occurred.”

Both teens were shot; one died at the scene and the other at a hospital. The resident was not injured.

Northglenn police recovered a .40 caliber handgun and three shell casings near the bodies in the shed and a machete-style knife just outside.

Ballistic evidence at the scene shows that shots were fired from inside the shed in the direction of the resident, who was outside the shed, according to the statement.

Investigators later discovered the two teens were suspected of trespassing at another property in the area that same day after witnesses reported they broke into a home and stole an airsoft gun found at the shooting scene.


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