Nighttime can be scary, even for adults


Dear Amy: This question might seem childish, but I am a 61-year-old adult.

Why does everything seem so bad at night?

For the last year or so I’ve found myself waking up from bad dreams almost every night.

I start thinking about everyday issues regarding family, work, health, etc., and it all seems so overwhelming and urgent.

I put myself into panicked ruminations about these problems.

When the sun comes up, I inevitably realize that everything I was worried about overnight is actually manageable by day.

The middle-of-the night bad thoughts are so bad that I can’t or don’t want to go back to sleep, so I put the television on, generally tune into an old, cheerful, and bright Hollywood musical, which does eliminate the thoughts, but also eliminates the sleep.

Do you know why things seem so bad at night when they don’t in the day?

Also, do you know of anything that might help me to stop doing this?

— Afraid of the Dark

Dear Afraid: Everything seems worse at night time because — it’s dark outside.


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