Niece’s proposed visit includes big sticker shock


Dear Amy: My adult niece lives several hundred miles away, and said she wanted to come visit us in Florida with her husband and their new baby.

Since they both work, the visit would be only for three or four days.

I said of course, and we tossed dates around.

I gave them some recommendations of beachfront hotels within walking distance from our condo, since it’s not large enough to absorb two additional adults and a baby. I said I could “help” with their hotel costs. I plan on picking up the tab for meals when we are together.

A few weeks ago, she let me know that they did not select one of the hotels within walking distance to our condo, but rather they booked themselves in a resort-style hotel, 10 miles away.

This will mean more shuffling around, as everything will be done by car.

She then said that she didn’t want me to get “sticker shock,” but I should know the hotel bill would be $1,700.

I had been thinking perhaps I could contribute $500 to their housing costs, which would have come close to covering their entire stay for a few nights in a local hotel.

They are in their early 40s and both work.

I want to be gracious and I’m happy they are making the effort to visit. But I was shocked to learn that my offer to “help” was translated to picking up a large hotel bill.

I doubt I’ve ever paid that much for myself in a hotel.


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