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NFT go game-style game Aperion launches marketplace, announces airdrop

Key highlights:

  • Apeiron is the first blockchain-based God game inspired by games like Black & White and Populous.
  • Apeiron Marketplace launched on September 7; users who create a marketplace account by September 21 will be eligible for an upcoming special airdrop.
  • The Apeiron Battle Demo Pass will unlock the brand new ARPG x card-based battle system coming out a month later.

Apeiron is the world’s first NFT-based P2E simulation god game. Inspired by classic god games such as Populous and Black & White, this game will have a unique card-based adventure and action battle system. Apeiron launched its marketplace on September 7.

Users who create a Marketplace account between September 7 and September 21, 2022, will be eligible for an upcoming exclusive airdrop. Eligible users will also receive the first half of the Apeiron Battle Demo Pass. The first half will represent Solar Fragment, while the other half will be Luna Fragment.

Image source: Apeiron

Milestones Crossed One by One

Apeiron continues to stir the market as the first blockchain-based NFT God game. Things are moving fast and on track for both the game and its developers, Foonie Magus. The project is reaching new milestones one by one. After a $17 million start-up funding round closed in April, the developer team continues to work hard to build the necessary in-game infrastructure.

Aperion Marketplace has a structure that supports the tri-token system, which allows players to trade Apeiron Planets for any price they want. This development, which marks a big step towards staking and breeding planets, brings unique functionality to the game.

Image source: Apeiron

Apeiron Battle Demo Pass

To collect Luna Fragments, it is necessary to join the Apeiron community. Special events organized through the Discord channel and collaborations with partners will increase day by day. To be eligible to receive the second half of the Battle Demo Pass, you must check out the Apeiron Discord and other social channels that we will share at the end of the content.

Community members with both Solar and Lunar Fragments can combine them in the Apeiron Battle Demo Pass. Owning the Battle Demo Pass will unlock a brand new ARPG x card-based battle system coming out in October.

Quote from the Manager

Frank Cheng, CEO of Foonie Magus, and creator of Apeiron, shares: “The launch of our marketplace marks the beginning of a countdown, a countdown to the rebirth of God Games, and the dawn of a new paradigm where quality innovations are starting to make their way across the web3.”

More About Apeiron

In Apeiron, the first God game based on blockchain and NFT, players can construct planets and descend as an Avatar to unravel the mysteries of the universe. Each player can grow their planet to the point of developmental stagnation and reset the planetary cycle through an Armageddon event to allow for even more progression and exciting endgame alliance level GvG and GvE events.

Apeiron will use a three-token in-game economy architecture. One of the tokens to be used in the ecosystem will be the governance token, one will be the play-to-earn token, and the other will be the premium team-to-earn token.


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