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Key takeaways:

  • Dr. Lucy Tweed, a climate researcher at Cambridge University, has founded the Carbon Removal DAO
  • The Carbon Removal DAO will allow users to vote on which green projects should receive funding and earn USDT for their engagement
  • The new green technology-focused DAO has been launched on the crypto crowdfunding platform EarthFund 

Climate scientist Dr. Lucy Tweed partners with EarthFund for a green technology-focused DAO

EarthFund, a crypto crowdfunding platform for projects working on making positive change in the world, has announced the launch of the Carbon Removal cause, which will focus on investing in carbon removal projects that don’t negatively affect local communities and ecosystems.

In recent years, we have seen numerous companies pursue green projects in order to generate positive PR. All too often, these initiatives turn out to be ill-planned and leave lasting consequences on local communities and ecosystems. Major tree-planting efforts are at the forefront of this issue.

To organize a better approach to fighting the negative effects of climate change, Dr. Lucy Tweed, who earned her Ph.D. for her work on carbon removal from Columbia University, launched the Carbon Removal DAO. The newly-launched green technology-focused decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will allow a global community to come together and vote on the most promising carbon-removal projects.

EarthFund CEO Adam Boalt commented on the launch of the Carbon Removal DAO in a statement:

“We’re all incredibly excited for Dr Tweed to be launching her cause on our platform. Not only is she going to be conducting research into carbon storage at Cambridge University, but through her cause on the EarthFund platform, she’s also going to be growing a global community that gets rewarded for being the driving force behind finding and funding carbon removal projects around the world.”

The Carbon Removal DAO will invest in various methods that can help reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, ranging from protecting carbon-rich ecosystems to promoting regenerative agriculture.

Speaking about the new DAO, Dr. Lucy Tweed said that while “Recycling, flying less, voting for progressive candidates, eating less meat… are all great,” scalable carbon reduction models are paramount for “broader systemic change.”

The DAO’s native governance token CarbonCommons will launch on July 27. At launch, the tokens won’t be available on cryptocurrency exchanges, but they will be directly exchangeable for EarthFund’s 1Earth tokens. 

The CarbonCommons token will allow users to earn USDT rewards for their engagement with the DAO and provide an outlet to bounce ideas off Dr. Lucy Tweed and other climate activists and scientists in an exclusive Discord group.


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