New relationship might interfere with old friendship


Dear Amy: I have a very close friend who is 30 years older than I am.

We two men have known each other for years. He is like a surrogate father to me, and I cherish the friendship immensely.

His daughter, who is my age, recently reached out to me over social media.

She and I had never met, even though I knew she existed through the duration of my friendship with her father.

We went out. We had great chemistry, and we continue to talk. It’s been wonderful. I am very intrigued by her, but I am conflicted.

I want to see where this goes, but I’d hate to compromise my friendship with her father in any way. It would be devastating to me for it to end.

The thought of losing my friend in the short or long term in the event this goes south is hard to face.

But I also feel a genuine connection to his daughter, and I think a full-on and successful relationship could lead to a great future.

How should I navigate this?

— Conflicted in PA

Dear Conflicted: If you want to preserve your friendship with the elder man, then you should make him aware of your new friendship with his daughter.


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