Needy friends quickly become trespassers


Dear Amy: My son has a friend, “Brett,” whose mother died some time ago.

Brett and his wife had to move off of his mother’s property.

Brett asked me if they could temporarily park their motor home in my driveway.

I told them that they could temporarily park it there.

Before long, my property became a junkyard, storage bin, and trash heap.

I told Brett and his wife that they had to clean up and gave them a month and a half because they had so much stuff.

The last day of the deadline, they decided to start cleaning up.

Eventually, they got rid of the three cars that were stored on my property.

There is still stuff everywhere.

They don’t pay rent, nor do they help out with anything else.

I wrote them a letter telling them that I wanted them to move, but yet here they still are.


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