Nathaniel Hackett, Russell Wilson want to fix what ails Broncos? Three words: Feed Javonte Williams.


Javonte Williams rolls out of bed breaking tackles, 220 pounds of rolling thunder and healthy disdain.

No. 33 uses his shoulder the way Monet used a paintbrush. Williams makes anger beautiful, running downhill like a snowball at elevation, bouncing off defenders as if they were millionaire bowling pins.

Do you know how many times he’s touched the ball on third-and-3-or-less or fourth-and-3-or-less for coach Nathaniel Hackett and the dumpster fire dressed up as the Broncos’ offense?

That would be four. Three in Seattle. Once this past Sunday against the Houston Texans.

The kicker? The Broncos tailback managed to pick up a first down or a score on three of those four. Kicker No. 2? On those four touches, he’s averaged 3.8 yards per tote.

On a team searching for an identity, looking for answers, there’s No. 33, all alone in the end zone, staring Hackett and quarterback Russell Wilson squarely in the face.

Here’s the good news heading into Little Shanny Week and a prime-time visit from the San Francisco 49ers Sunday: The Broncos have become must-watch television for NFL neutrals. They’re a national story now. The Orange & Blue are one of the most fascinating teams in the league, enticing viewers with the possibility of catching something they’ve never seen in a pro game before.

The bad news? They’re tuning in for all the wrong reasons.

Instead of watching to see what kind of magic Hackett and Big Russ can create between the hash marks, they’re waiting for the train wreck. The 64-yard field goal try. The 12.5 penalties per game. The gaffe that’s going to set Twitter on fire and leave the talk-show hosts doubled over in hysterics.


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