Nathaniel Hackett, let your Broncos assistants go home. Let them see their families. Then get Mike Shanahan or Gary Kubiak in to safe this offense.


Nathaniel Hackett, for pity’s sake, let your people go. As in, go home.

Let ‘em see their kids. Hug their wives. Eat a home-cooked meal.

After all that Broncos game tape, let ‘em watch something on TV that’ll lighten the mood, like an episode of “Squid Game.”

“I don’t see my family. Or hear from them,” Broncos offensive coordinator Justin Outten told me Thursday with a straight face outside UCHealth Training Center when I asked how a three-game Denver losing streak and all that national shaming might’ve affected loved ones.

“I don’t see them. My car hasn’t started in a week.

“You kind of tune (outside noise) out, because … you just put your nose down. And you can’t look outside because that’s not going to help anything. It’s about what can we do better in this building to perform on Sunday.

“And it’s a family in there. You’ve got to stay together, you’ve got to stay the course and trust each other. And that’s just something that’s consistently building each and every week … yeah, you’ve just got to stay the course. And you’ve just got to keep your nose down.”

Hang on, hang on.

Your car won’t start?

“Well, it hasn’t started since last Friday,” Outten replied, “when we left for that (Chargers) game.”


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