Napoli give update on Police raid over Osimhen move from Lille


Italian giants Napoli have given an update a day after the club offices were raided over investigations involving the transfer of Victor Osimhen from French club Lille.

On Tuesday, it was in the news that the selling club Lille, and buying club Napoli were investigated for possible fraud over the deal that took Victor Osimhen from France to Italy.

The matter being investigated according to L’Equipe is the transfer fee of €81m that Napoli reportedly paid Lille to sign Victor Osimhen.

L’Equipe are reporting that Lille only got €36m and not €81m as widely reported.

Further revelation on the deal showed that only €50m was agreed to be paid in cash, €10m to be paid as ads when some conditions are met while the remaining €21m is said to be the value of four players that Napoli sent Lille’s way.

The said four players are goalkeeper Orestis Karnezis and three youth team players Luigi Liguori, Claudio Manzi, and Ciro Palmieri.

There were issues surrounding the €21m valuation of the four players and to make matter worse, none of the players got to wear Lille colours as they were loaned out to Serie C clubs and their contracts terminated a year later.

This means Lille lost €21m on the players.

But Napoli through Fabio Fulgeri, criminal lawyer, lawyer for De Laurentiis has downplayed the investigation. The Italian confirmed that the offices were raided but it was nothing serious.

He told Kiss Kiss Napoli that Napoli’s president only asked a few questions and everything is calm.

“Napoli is serene, the investigations are due, there is an investigation against the managers of Lille and therefore the Guard of Finance is giving assistance to French colleagues, said Fabio Fulgeri to Kiss Kiss Napoli on the Radio Goal broadcast.

“It is an exchange of interventions. It is a confrontation on the same matter that the Federal Prosecutor has dealt with.

“The arguments are always the same and therefore we are calm. I confirm that no computer or tablet of the president was searched, I was present at the search.

“De Laurentiis by the way is in Los Angeles. The evaluation of the players is subjective, there are no rules that set the values, it is all questionable. Everyone can have a say about him. What are Napoli risking? Nothing”.


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