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In the constantly developing world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, automated trading first emerged as another trend. Many people were, however, dubious despite the promises made by this new sector, and they had every reason to be!

Fortunately, automatic trading has demonstrated through time that it does actually have enough value to go beyond being simply another hype in a long line of many. This innovation is enduring, as seen by its continued appeal.

This has been accomplished because of its undeniable advantages for both beginning and seasoned traders, as well as ongoing advancements in the industry.

MyFunding.Network is a new dApp created to provide users with an outstanding ROI of 1.5 percent daily and an outstanding APY of 547 percent on their investments.

Your escape is the dApp, which may help you create a reliable passive income stream with excellent returns on your investments. If you invest $1,000 in the dApp in the form of BNB, you will receive a daily income of $15 based on the daily ROI guarantee of 1.5 percent.

MyFunding.Network in a nutshell

MyFunding.Network is a cryptocurrency trading bot driven by artificial intelligence and built on smart contracts. The dapp, which launched on June 1st of this year, has already crossed 500 BNB (almost 134,000 USD) and is rapidly growing.

MyFunding.Network appears to be a straightforward decentralized program that engages in sophisticated trading and generates substantial profits for its customers using next-generation technical analysis. However, much more crucial are its essential functions.

This dApp was developed by a blockchain development team known for their very successful projects and was built on the Binance Smart Chain. It is immediately obvious after using this dApp that the team put their passion for simple, straightforward innovation to excellent use.

And perhaps this factor contributes just as much to the success of the dApp as any other.

Why we keep eyes on MyFunding.Network?

MyFunding.Network offers a variety of services. First and foremost, users may earn a steady passive income. On deposits to MyFunding.Network, investors may earn a daily ROI of 1.5 percent.

MyFunding.Network uses a variety of sophisticated trading tactics shared by seasoned traders. A cutting-edge artificial intelligence bot that continuously executes trades to generate substantial gains for its customers has all of these tactics built into it.

Even though this in and of itself is alluring, the platform’s sustained success also has other significant aspects to credit.

One of them are the simple processes for deposits and withdrawals. Users may simply deposit money and smoothly link their wallets to MyFunding.Network interface using a Metamask or Trust Wallet installed on their computers. The same is also possible for mobile users using any of 115 different wallets.

The main thing to remember is that there is no minimum deposit requirement, so the user doesn’t need to be concerned about that either. As soon as users make even the smallest investment, they may start seeing a return on their money.

Last but not least, there is the prospect of large earnings. Since its establishment, MyFunding.Network has grown substantially, and it aspires to be one of the most successful automated trading bot pools in the BSC. For a 30-day deposit, users may anticipate a passive income yield of 547 percent APY.

Here’s how you can be a part of MyFunding.Network

The program is simple to learn and use. Users must first install and configure a non-custodial wallet that is compatible with the BNB Chain (BSC). They should next link their BNB wallet to MyFunding.Network.

Users should then input the appropriate BNB value and click “Deposit” to transfer the tokens to MyFunding.Network.

MyFunding.Network also has a five-tier referral scheme. This is true for commissions up to 11.5 percent. A referral link is generated for every user who invests in a smart contract. Users who refer others to this link will win extra incentives for each deposit made by their referrals.

In addition, there are 5 tiers to the referral program:

  • Level 1: 5% referral rewards
  • Level 2: 3% referral rewards
  • Level 3: 2% referral rewards
  • Level 4: 1% referral rewards
  • Level 5: 0.5% referral rewards

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Wrapping Up

A human trader has a set limit on how much information they can process, but a cryptocurrency trading bot manages the majority of information to help you make the best trades. It is also more effective and available constantly.

The AI trading bot from MyFunding.Network provides various advantages to novice traders. MyFunding.Network is a trustworthy dapp with enormous potential. Crypto traders, on the other hand, will be interested to see if MyFunding.Network can deliver on its claims given the market’s present state.


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