My son assaulted my daughter. Now she doesn’t feel safe around him. – The Denver Post


Dear Amy: There was a physical altercation between my 32-year-old son and 26-year-old daughter one evening, when both were very drunk.

They were in the room alone, so no one knows exactly what happened, except that my son ended up pushing my daughter to the floor and throttling her.

My daughter, who was freaked out and nearly hysterical, was brought to my house. I could easily see the marks around her neck.

She no longer feels safe around her brother. On the advice of her counselor, my daughter filed charges. After talking with my son, the police forwarded the charges to the prosecutor’s office.

Apparently, my son is insisting that my daughter bit him and he was protecting himself. My daughter doesn’t remember.

Throughout all of his ups and downs, I have always been on my son’s side, but now I feel I need to distance myself from him, especially because my daughter and her other brother refuse to be around him.

This would mean him forgoing attending Thanksgiving and Christmas, and probably cause a permanent rift with him, which makes my heart sick.

I haven’t spoken to my son since this happened two weeks ago.

What should I do?

— Sick at Heart Mom

Dear Sick at Heart: Your son is facing a credible accusation of a serious assault toward his sister.


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