My husband’s having a midlife crisis, abusing drugs, cheating


Dear Amy: I believe that my 45-year-old husband is having a midlife crisis, abusing drugs, cheating — or possibly all three.

We have been married for 15 years.

He has done meth, weed, and huffing, which devastated me.

He begged me not to divorce him.

I stuck by his side, and he seemed to improve.

Lately, however, he has displayed erratic behavior, control, anger, paranoia, sleeping issues, anxiety, and ADHD tendencies.

He has installed cameras on the front and back of our house — and much more.

He also is seeking a second part-time job for the weekends, so he doesn’t have to see me at all.

I really am beside myself with what to do.

I want to go talk to his mom, but feel that may be a bad idea, because, although I know she loves me, this is her son.

I lately fear a bit for my life. I’m scared.


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