Mom’s script is now being flipped


Dear Amy: Our entire childhood, my mom consistently used my own achievements to push my brother to be better.

I was two years younger, a year ahead in school, bolder and more fearless than him in every way.

Mom made it a competition between us to help him overcome his fears. She fueled it until she died.

My brother and I are now in our late 40s.

We are both successful, but have made very different choices.

I turned down lucrative opportunities to prioritize my children over work.

He and his wife did the opposite. They both placed their career first and neglected their child. I ended up taking care of my nephew a lot over the years to make up for it.

These days, my brother takes every opportunity to blast his success to me.

He tells me how much money he makes, how much his wife makes, how much money they have in the bank, etc.

I am trying to be a better person and ignore it, but it is exhausting.

He never asks about my life and what I care about.


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