Mom wants smooth waters for ex-con son


Dear Amy: My family and I (husband and two teens) live with my very elderly parents. I purchased the house from the trust after my parents proposed the idea.

This benefits my parents — they can stay in the house and receive our help. My teens benefit from living with them. This is a win-win.

I have a third child in his 30s, who is not living with us.

My son has a long history of incarcerations and has two felonies for theft and drug offenses.

He has been out of prison for over a year. He lives with friends and at times with his father (my ex). He’s not exactly the model citizen, but is keeping out of trouble.

He has his mail sent to our house.

Whenever he stops over to get it, my mother becomes really nervous, anxious, and fearful. She won’t hug him, make eye contact or converse.

She has not forgiven him for stealing grandpa’s credit card and cash from them when he was a teen.

She has basically disowned him for his failures, and I’m guessing she’s embarrassed by him, too.

They were really close when he was a child.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s done his time, he is family, and he shouldn’t be disowned.


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