Mom wants kids to have an adulting checklist


Dear Amy: My son has just started his junior year of college. I never thought he was the neatest person.

My view on this changed when he went away to college and shared a two-bedroom suite with others.

Compared to his suitemates, my son is neat, clean, and considerate of the shared space.

I am appalled by what I have seen: Beds are not made, clothes are strewn everywhere, dirty dishes are left in the sink, plates and cups are left everywhere, the table is not wiped clean, multiple pairs of shoes in the bathroom, and counter space all cluttered with everyone’s personal items, etc.

Is this the way people are living?

Are parents not teaching their children some basic level of cleanliness and how to share space?

I sent my son with cleaning supplies and showed him how to clean a bathroom.

He knows how to clean a kitchen because he has been helping me clean up after meals at home.

In one situation he was the only one that brought cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies are a necessity!

It’s a shared space — you’re not the only one who uses the bathroom or stores food in the refrigerator or needs to wash dishes in the kitchen sink.

Yes, contracts are drawn up by the suitemates to determine rules and cleaning rotation, but my son is frustrated that he is the only one following through.


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