Mom and daughter want to move on


Dear Amy: I’m a 33-year-old woman. My daughter is 11.

She and I live with my parents.

My parents own the house, and I pay them rent each month.

Both of my parents are in their early 70s. My father works part time.

They don’t seem to need the extra money that my rent provides (they are always buying new games and gadgets for themselves).

I want to have my own life. I want to move into my own apartment, with my daughter.

I searched for apartments, made a budget, and I even concluded that I would continue to pay my parents the rent money I currently pay, so they wouldn’t be without that income.

When I told my parents of my plan to move out, they gave me this story about how sad they would be, and how they feel like I’m abandoning them at their time of need.

I don’t supply anything but money. I don’t take them to doctor appointments or the grocery store.

I’m usually at work during the day. My mom home-schools my daughter, and I wasn’t planning to change that.

I just have a need for my own place and want to move out on my own.


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