Miracle Usani not afraid of Columbia after victory against USA


Nigeria Women’s U-17 star Miracle Usani is not afraid of Columbia U-17 Women’s team which the Flamingos will play in the semifinal at the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup on Wednesday.

The Deadball specialist who is Nigeria’s top scorer so far with three goals told FIFA+ that Flamingos are not afraid of any team after beating the USA.

Miracle Usani scored Nigeria’s goal from the spot kick during normal regulation with Villarreal scoring USA’s.

During the shootout, Usani missed her penalty but asked to retake after USA goalie was said to have left her line before she kicked her penalty.

She scored at the second attempt and she expressed her happiness at being given another chance.

“I was so relieved,” Usani told FIFA+ after the game.

“I feel much better now, I’m so happy that I was given a second chance. I really wanted to score the second, so I’m happy.”

“The game led me up to that moment,” she said. “It ended up going to penalties and I needed to step up and take responsibility.”

Usani full of confidence said the Flamingos are not afraid of Columbia after beating favourites USA in the quarterfinal.

“I believe we can get to the final,” she said. “If we can beat the USA, I don’t see any obstacle standing in our way.”


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