Mimisen Iyorhe retires from active Refereeing


One of Nigeria’s best female Referees, Mimisen Iyorhe Calvin-Onwuka has announced her retirement from active Refereeing.

Mimisen spent the last 11 years of her career on the prestigious Federation of International Football Association – FIFA list, a feat she expressed gratitude to God for.

Announcing her retirement in a post on her Facebook handle on Wednesday January 18 , Mimisen Iyorhe thanked God for ” everything good, bad and in-between her career .

She wrote “ The beginning and the end.
11 years of everything good, bad and in between.
Lord, your daughter is full of praises.
I am eternally grateful.
Retirement is already blissssss❤️❤️❤️ ”

Six months ago, Mimisen was Assistant Referee One for the 2022 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations final match between South Africa and Morroco a glorious feat to decorate her journey in football refereeing.

She bows out of the stage and is already enjoying the bliss of not having to involve in rigorous training to be able to meet up with various fitness tests.

For her next stage, Mimisen Iyorhe will hopefully join the Referees Assesors where her vast experience will come handy in assessment and moulding of Nigerian Referees.


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