Metro-Denver had a snow day Wednesday for between five and eight inches of snow


The frequency of snow days at school now vs. then

Although safety is paramount, when it’s going to snow, schools close the day before the first flake hits the ground.

I know you’ve heard this before, but back in my day, even if we had two or three feet of snow, we still had to go to school. Today schools closed when it gets cloudy.

Leroy M Martinez, Denver

Politicians should limit their own tenure

Re: “Conservatives take aim at tenure for professors,” Jan. 9 news story

In another GOP assault on higher education, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick believes that if educators teach subject matter that he disagrees with, the GOP should have the right to threaten the tenure and livelihood of college professors to get them to teach subjects that are more agreeable to him and the conservatives in power.

Everyone in our democracy has a constitutional right to voice an opinion or to disagree with the opinions of others; however, nothing in the Constitution requires or condones a political party to force their political beliefs or agendas on educators or on the institutions they work for. If Patrick wishes to eliminate the tenure of college professors, I would ask him, “Why stop there?”

If anyone holding power over the citizens of America should be stripped of their tenure, it should be politicians! It’s high time Congress and state legislatures establish and enforce term and age limitations for their members! I am tired of the same old (literally) rich, mostly white privileged people deciding the direction of our country’s future and deciding how they are going to fritter away all of our taxpayer money!

Until they build up the courage and integrity to limit themselves, I think they should keep their personal opinions and political leanings out of the nation’s educational system!

Alfred Foster, Loveland

Stop taking carts to get groceries home

After watching the umpteenth news report on high grocery costs, I wish Denverites would take the time to return the grocery carts to the store from which they take them. I see abandoned empty carts around my Denver neighborhood and try to return as many as possible. At $100 and upwards per cart, we, as consumers, are passed on cart replacement costs in the price of groceries. Additionally, my favorite Safeway always seems to be short on carts. If you take it, then return it! Reduce costs and clean up our neighborhoods.

C. London, Denver




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