Metro area in for hot, dry Wednesday


With a high temperature temperature just under 90 degrees, Wednesday is set to be a hot and sunny day for Denver.

Other than a possible thunderstorm straying east into the Denver area late afternoon, storms and showers Tuesday will be limited to the mountains.

And only a light wind means there could be potential for flooding.

“Hopefully with even less moisture we won`t have much of a flood threat, but we still can`t rule out a storm dropping an isolated half inch or rain in a bad spot given the lack of motion,” forecasters at the National Weather Service said.

Denver still looks to be sunny and slightly breezy most of the day, though, with a high temperature of 89 degrees and wind gusts of up to 15 mph.

Temperatures in the upper 80s will continue the rest of the week, but some thunderstorms are in the forecast Friday evening.


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