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Businesses or even individuals who regularly earn crypto-related income are often stuck with the challenge of converting all or a portion of the funds into cash in order to pay for expenses. This is rarely convenient, causes unnecessary exposure to volatility risk, and is deterring widespread crypto adoption.

Whether you are a Bitcoin miner, NFT artist, DeFi earner, Metaverse visionary, or just interested in a simple way to convert crypto-to-fiat in a flash, Swapin solutions are the missing link you have been hoping for. Here’s why.

How Swapin Solutions Help Crypto Holders

To truly convey the power of Swapin solutions and the authentic problems they solve for businesses and individuals, we are going to walk you through several scenarios common to crypto holders who, at some point, need to convert funds into cash.

NFT Artists

NFT artists have been making a killing in ETH or other smart-contract platform tokens that support NFTs. Many top NFTs sell for tens to more than one hundred ETH. Creators have sold entire collections at such rates, causing a pile of profits.

NFT artists often focus on art as their primary income stream, so they will need to pay bills, rent, subscriptions, and more. Using Swapin tools, users can make payments to service providers, landlords, and more in crypto, and since it is instantly converted into fiat when it arrives at the associated bank account, they are none-the-wiser.

DeFi Earners

Whether you have earned money from providing tokens as liquidity on decentralized exchanges, are lending them in a borrowing protocol, or are staking the assets for a variable APY, profits are bound to grow over time. The passive investing approach is a tried-and-true formula for steady capital growth.

But what happens when it is time to convert these coins into cash? It typically involves sending coins to an exchange, cashing out, then sending the funds to a bank account. By the time the funds arrive and the fees are taken, you get far less money, defeating crypto’s convenience. With Swapin, crypto is instantly converted and sent to a bank account as fiat, cutting out the extended process in between.

Metaverse Visionaries

Metaverse platforms are businesses with a team behind them. Since the company earns in crypto, yet still faces the challenge of paying employees who – despite crypto adoption increasing – still need cash.

These businesses can set up recurring payments in crypto to employees to cover salaries and daily expenses using Swapin crypto-to-fiat solutions.

Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin miners must run powerful computer equipment that utilizes a great deal of energy in order to mine each BTC. The entire revenue model is driven by BTC, but to pay for the electricity required to operate the machinery or to cover maintenance costs, miners still need to convert some of their BTC to cash.

Bitcoin price is volatile. By the time miners go to convert their funds into cash, the price per BTC could have dropped significantly, causing the cash to fall short of covering the intended business expenses. With Swapin, businesses can simply send BTC to a connected wallet, which instantly converts the BTC into euros when it reaches the specified bank account.

About Swapin Solutions

Swapin is so well equipped to address the challenges crypto users face on a regular basis because Swapin CEO Evald Hannes-Kree has experienced these same issues during his extensive career in the cryptocurrency industry. Kree began as a Bitcoin miner, running into the same problems his business now fixes for B2C and B2B customers.

The company is licensed and regulated and has an ambitious company roadmap ahead. The company recently released a refreshed app. Swapin B2C tools include InstaPay, InstaFill, and soon InstaBuy. B2B tools include CoinCollector and the E-Com widget for merchants. Visit the official Swapin website to learn more about these products and how they can benefit crypto holders and businesses.


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