Mercedes CLE Coupe reveals its B-pillar


After we presented the first spy photos of the Mercedes CLE Cabrio last month,  the Mercedes CLE Coupe has been spotted camouflaged in tests around the Sindelfingen plant.

As we reported, Mercedes has decided to narrow down the range of coupes and convertibles to allocate more funds for electric models. Thus, the S-Class Coupe disappeared from the range while the Mercedes C-Class Coupe and E-Class Coupe will be replaced by a single model called Mercedes CLE Coupe (code name C 236 for coupe A 236 for Cabrio).

Last month we presented the first spy shots of the Mercedes CLE Cabrio which will use the soft top as in case of all 4 seater Mercedes cabrios.

A few days ago, the coupe version of the Mercedes CLE was spotted in tests around the Sindelfingen plant.
The new CLE Coupe will use the MRA II platform with multilink front axle from the new C-Class and the upcoming E-Class (W214) which will be available from 2023.

From the first spy photos it can be seen that the Mercedes CLE Coupe will have a B-pillar as is the case with the Mercedes C-Class Coupe. Instead, the current Mercedes E-Class Coupe features a more noble solution, without B-pillar, as is the case of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe.

The presence of the B-pillar is a sign that the CLE Coupe will be positioned closer to the Mercedes C-Class Coupe than the E-Class Coupe.
Mercedes has taken this approach before. Before the current generation C-Class Coupe/E-Class coupe there was a Mercedes E-Class Coupe that had the optics of the E-Class but the cheaper platform of the C-Class.

Being closer to the C-Class, the Mercedes CLE Coupe will take over the 4-cylinder diesel and petrol engines from the C-Class sedan with mild hybrid technology (ISG and 48V network). It is not known if Mercedes will also offer PHEV versions on the CLE Coupe due to the fact that the new larger battery in the C-Class would restrict space in this sporty coupe.

But we expect an electrified AMG version with a 4-cylinder engine and electric motor delivering around 550 HP like in the upcoming AMG C 63.  The new CLE Coupe will be produced at the Bremen plant.

There are rumours that Mercedes was also considering a four-door coupe but has since given up, probably to avoid making life difficult for the Mercedes CLS, whose existence is already under pressure from the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door.


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