Meet the Colorado pups on this year’s Animal Planet Puppy Bowl XIX


The cutest four-legged players around will assemble on the miniature gridiron Sunday, Feb. 12, for Puppy Bowl XIX — including a half dozen Colorado pups.

The 19th annual adoption event has become a tradition on Super Bowl day, where viewers can tune in and out at leisure to watch dozens of rescue puppies romp and play on a tiny football field, with the goal of promoting pet adoption from shelters.

This year, a quartet of puppies from Brighton and two from Colorado Springs will take to the field starting at noon on Feb. 12 on Animal Planet to play for Team Ruff and Team Fluff. The overall event will feature 122 puppies, 67 animal shelters and rescue animals from 34 states.

The pups who hail from Brighton’s Lifeline Puppy Rescue are named Avalanche, Gumdrop, Peanut and Rose, while doggos from Colorado Springs’ Humane Society Pikes Peak Region are Sven and Vivianne. Each will get a chance to win the Lombarky Trophy, as it’s called, on their way to finding “forever homes,” according to a statement from Animal Planet. Their breed mixes will be revealed during the “game.”

Lifeline is also holding a Football FUN-draiser, where a $50 donation lets you select on open square on a chart. “If your name is in the square that has the score at the end of each quarter, you can win a VISA gift card. Check out the open squares and claim yours now!” (see for more).

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