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As one of the hottest faces Hollywood has ever gifted humanity, it comes as no surprise that Johnny Depp has a long list of famous women he’s been romantically linked with, but did you know that before Johnny Depp’s most recent crashed union with fellow industry colleague, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp was married once before?!

Lori Anne Allison

Born in Miami, Florida on September 6, 1957, Lori Anne Allison started out her career as an aspiring music artist who later settled for a career as a professional makeup artist for which she’s most famous for till date.

Before becoming the professional makeup artist that she is today, Lori Anne Allison’s dream was to become a record producer and that is why she reportedly set out and moved to Los Angeles in 1980 to pursue her lifelong wish as a producer.

Unfortunately, Lori Anne Allison’s musical aspiration was cut short when she got involved in a freak accident that involved her getting shot with an aerosol can gun that resulted in her losing more than 70% of her left hearing during a photoshoot for the cover of Vogue magazine.

With Lori Anne Allison  becoming partially deaf in her left ear, Allison soon realized that a musical career was no longer feasible and then decided to pursue other talents.

Lori Anne Allison Career – Makeup Artist

Lori Anne Allison

With the partial loss of hearing, Lori Anne Allison aspirations in the music industry was dead on arrival and so she decided to hone her talent as a professional make-up artist instead, with the help of her friends, Adam Ant and Christina Applegate.

According to Johnny Depp’s ex wife, her passion for the art of makeup art started long before becoming a professional makeup artist. Johnny Depp’s first wife believes to have started drawing facial features with makeup products right from the young age of eleven.

Lori Anne Allison also says she remembers performing hairdressing, cutting, and creating lovely hairstyles for her dolls when she was little. 

As proof of her love for makeup, in 2015, Lori Anne Allison launched her own set of product line starting with a set of lip glosses called ‘Serendipity’.

While expressing her love for the beautification art on the product’s website, Lori Anne Allison wrote, “I love the idea behind make-up and having fun with it.”

Lori Anne Allison Career – Acting

As the world may know, Johnny Depp got married to actress and fellow colleague, Amber Heard, but before Depp got with his now infamous estranged ex-wife, there was another Mrs. Depp who was also an actress.

Although Lori Anne’s career as a make-up artist was going quite well seeing as she worked on the set of some of 90’s biggest movies, such as Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Cyber Bandits and Secret Lies, the Miami born beautician right in the steps of her famous Pirates of the Caribbean actor and ex husband and also dabbled into acting.

After a successful career in makeup, some of Lori Anne’s friends in the entertainment industry prompted her to try her luck in Tinseltown as they were reportedly blown away by her raw acting skills.

Taking to her friend’s advice, Lori Anne Allison started out in a number of movies and TV shows in 1992 making her acting debut in Sunset Heat.

After the success of her first movie, Lori Anne Allison went on to star in other films, such as Cyber Bandits released in 1995 and  television shows, such as The Ultimate Lie, Supreme Court of Comedy and Stand Up to Cancer released in 2009.

How did Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison meet?

Lori Anne Allison

Getting entangled with a groupie is a common occurrence music bands but the entanglement leading to something more is quite rare.

Lori Anne Allison and Johnny Depp’s love story is one of the few exceptions as the pair first got introduced to each other in early 80s during Johnny Depp’s teenage years via a mutual friend, Bruce Witkin, who also happened to be Depp’s bandmate in the band, The Kids.

Shortly after meeting, Lori Anne Allison and Johnny Depp fell in love and soon began dating. Their relationship progressed quickly, and the couple tied the knot in a small ceremony in South Florida in December 1983.

At the time of their wedding, Johnny was just 20 years old while Lori Anne was 25, but the two forged ahead in their live story despite the glaring 5-year gap between them.

Lori Anne Allison; The woman who made Johnny Depp famous

Johnny Depp might be regarded as one of Hollywood’s golden boys now, but the Rum Diary actor didn’t always start out that way. In fact, he probably wouldn’t have been acting at all if not for his ex-wife, Lori Anne Allison.

Due to her job as a make-up artist, Lori Anne was privy to being around celebrities, and it was through his ex wife that Depp first got introduced to Nicolas Cage, who then gave him his big break.

Nicolas Cage, seeing the potential in Depp, helped Johnny to land an audition for a classic horror movie, “A Nightmare On Elm Street” and it was this film that gave Johnny Depp his first breakout role in a movie.

The film, which was released on November 9, 1984, grossed over $57 million. The success of the movie became a catalyst that launched Johnny Depp to stardom.

How long was Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison married for?

As Johnny Depp’s career exponentially took off, Lori Anne Allison began to suffer, and it wasn’t long before Depp’s rising fame got in the way.

Although he would later in life become accustomed to failed relationships, Johnny Depp’s separation from Lori Anne Allison became his very first rodeo in “heartbreak” town.

In 1985 and after just two years of marriage, the pair filed for divorce and got legally separated the following year.

At the peak of their separation, Anne Allison and Depp didn’t give much clue as to why their marriage was short lived, but both parties seem to have ended on very amicable terms.

According to Johnny and Lori Anne’s joint statement, the former couple separated due to ‘differences’ that eventually resulted in the end of their marriage.

Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Alison’s post-split relationship
Lori Anne Allison
Even though Depp has since moved on from his short-lived marriage to the makeup artist and now has two children, daughter Lily-Rose Depp and son Jack Depp, whom he shares with his former longtime partner, Vanessa Paradis, he still has a friend in his former spouse Anne Allison.

After the couple’s separation, not only did Johnny’s ex wife and the actor remain great friends, but the formerly married duo are all the proof you need that not all divorced couples end up as enemies.

More interestingly, Lori Anne Allison is still legally known as “Lori Depp” today, choosing to retain the famous ‘Depp’ last name.

Seeing as they are such good friends, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Lori Anne Allison only has good things to say about her former husband, Johnny Depp.

The public got to see the level of respect Johnny Depp’s ex wife possessed for Depp when in light of the recent domestic abuse allegations penned against Depp by his other ex wife, Amber Heard, Allison was quick to jump in Depp’s defense.

Just like the mother of Depp’s children, Vanessa Paradis said that the actor did not exhibit any violent behavior in the course of their 14 years relationship. Lori Depp also came out against Amber Heard saying her dirty dancing ex-husband was a “soft person” who would never engage in aggressive behavior and was especially kind to animals.

According to a TMZ report, Lori Anne told friends that she simply didn’t believe Amber’s allegations against Johnny as he would “never lay a hand on a woman” and “isn’t capable of hurting anyone”.

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