Meditation talker is guided toward the exit


Dear Amy: I recently joined a meditation group that has sessions both in-person and online.

During an online session, I put a note in the chat saying that everyone could go and look at the full moon after the session.

The group leader became irate. He said aloud to the group that I was distracting and that no one should read what was in the chat.

I found that odd because if he did not want it, he could have disabled the chat function in Zoom.

At the end of the meeting, I told everyone that I hoped they enjoyed looking at the beautiful full moon and signed off.

The teacher contacted me after the session and said that I had been disruptive.

I had not.

Nonetheless, he suggested that I find a different group.

I live in a small town and there is no different group. (I do have a weekly online group with a different teacher.)

Before this incident, I privately asked him to stop saying unkind things about his ex-girlfriend behind her back on a public newsletter that was distributed to his subscribers. I said that I did not know this woman and did not think it was fair for him to share personal details about her online.

I think that request might have made him bristle toward me.


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