Marshall fire investigation likely to wrap up in early 2023


The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday said the investigation into the Marshall fire would likely be completed early in 2023. It also released 60 additional body-worn camera videos from emergency personnel who responded to the wildfire.

“The Sheriff’s Office plans to complete the investigation in the near future, likely early in the new year,” Thursday’s news release said. “After the final investigation and review is completed, the Sheriff’s Office will release the cause and origin report.”

All of the investigative video footage captured on Dec. 30 east of Cherryvale Road is now available to the public, the release stated. Video captured west of Cherryvale Road will not be released until the final cause and origin of the fire is released. To view images online go to and click on the video tab.

Sheriff’s staff involved in the initial response captured 266 body-worn camera recordings and 450 photos were taken using a body-worn camera photo evidence system, the release said. The sheriff’s office has collected 186 items of evidence, including 49 physical items and 137 pieces of digital evidence, such as drone footage, along with photographs taken by witnesses and investigators.

Video and photographs have been reviewed multiple times as part of the ongoing investigation.


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