Married woman really wants to take a hike


Dear Amy: I am a married woman in my mid-60s, now-retired.

My sister (who is divorced) invited me on a “girl’s trip” to hike the Scottish Highlands.

We live on opposite coasts and do not see each other often.

When I told my husband about the trip, he gave me major pushback. Some of his objections are:

1. I would be spending our money on a vacation just for myself. (We are not rich, but this would be affordable.)

2. As a married woman, I should be reserving my travels for my husband, not with single women.

3. This will only lead to other trips without him.

4. He does not “believe” in girls’ trips.

My husband is very controlling. He would definitely make my life miserable if I accepted this invitation, so I turned it down, since I have to live with him.

But what is more upsetting is that instead of being happy for me for getting an opportunity to do something fun and enriching, he is resentful and obstructionist.

He did say that he will only agree if he comes along, despite the fact that he has never wanted to do a trip like this!


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