Marriage is in arrears over secret debt


Dear Amy: I recently found out that my husband of seven years has been using high-interest credit cards in his own name to buy expensive luxury items (wine, watches, clothing, etc.).

The total bill of this debt is $20,000. I think this has gone on for years.

I asked for his credit card statements, which is how I found out about this.

He said he was a coward for not telling me, and says he has been selfish.

I have strong concerns about trusting him now.

We have existing house debt of $20,000.

He has consolidated his credit card debt.

My husband is a strong Christian and so this level of deception is extremely hypocritical and disappointing.

How would you sort through and view this situation?

— Worried Wife

Dear Worried: You have opened the door onto your husband’s financial deceit and shopping problem, and now you should make sure that you have the full picture. After their purchase, where did these luxury items land?


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